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The application of the peristaltic pump in the semiconductor industry

The application of the peristaltic pump in the semiconductor industry

  • Tuesday, 26 October 2021
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Many laboratories and light industry manufacturers have strict requirements for OEM peristaltic pumps to ensure the accuracy of experimental results, reliability of data, and continuity and stability of the production process. Therefore, the OEM peristaltic pump is required to have high transmission accuracy, good stability, easy operation, and simple maintenance in the transmission of materials, measurement, and application of various reagents.
OEM peristaltic pump is a can select the flow rate, get the amount of liquid you need, can set the working time, can continuously cycle clearance operation, automatic calculation of flow, and throughput. When the infusion volume reaches the preset volume, it will automatically send out the sound alarm. It also has the data protection function of power off. After the work stops and the machine is turned off, it can continue the data set in the previous use by opening it again.
Semiconductor manufacturing requires constant control of the flow of liquids in process tools. One of the more demanding applications is chemical-mechanical flattening (CMP). When a CMP tool is unable to assign a consistent paste rate to a polished substrate, it can have a significant negative impact on yield, chemical use, and material integrity. Changes in wafer thickness, increase in defect density, tool downtime, and increase in wafer waste are just some of the problems that can result from poor process control.
OEM peristaltic pump is very suitable for the semiconductor industry, high purity and corrosive chemical environment, for CMP, provided with the point in the process of polishing slurry flow assigned to chip the linearity and repeatability, low shear force on the CMP slurry, the variable speed operation allows in a very wide range of operating control flow, to maintain the integrity of the process.
Slurry performance is achievable with wafer flatness, and THE OEM peristaltic pump helps achieve this goal by controlling slurry delivery and distribution. The NON-invasive design of the OEM Peristaltic pump provides a straight flow path with no dead flow area, allowing slurry to condense, harden and contaminate the process. The flow rate reaches ± 0.5%. The stable fluid delivery not only ensures the continuous flow of slurry to the polishing pad but also reduces the waste of slurry, chemicals, and deionized water.
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