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Application of the peristaltic pump--filling system

Application of the peristaltic pump--filling system

  • Tuesday, 26 October 2021
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The food industry is a traditional industry with a history of thousands of years. Although the traditional handicraft plays an important role in maintaining the color, aroma, taste, and shape of food, it seriously restricts the industrialization and mechanization of food production. Therefore, accelerating the industrialization process, adapting to the key equipment, and realizing the mechanization and modernization of food processing and packaging are the top priorities in the development of the food industry. An automatic line is a kind of machine system that can realize the automation of the product production process. That is, through the adoption of a set of automatic processing, testing, loading and unloading, transportation of machinery and equipment, forming a highly continuous, fully automated line, to achieve the entire process of product production. In a large number of, a large number of products using the automatic line can improve labor productivity, stability and improve product quality, improve working conditions, reduce the production floor area, reduce production costs, shorten the production cycle, to ensure the balance of production, there are significant economic benefits.

When the peristaltic pump transmits the material, the material is only in contact with the inner wall of the hose, avoiding the risk that the pump contaminates the material or the material contaminates the pump. Cross-contamination between different materials can be avoided by on-line cleaning or a simple replacement of hose when pumping different materials. At the same time, the peristaltic pump has a good self-sealing performance, the pipeline does not need valves and seals can also ensure that the pipeline material will not flow freely under the state of stopping the pump, so it can reduce the dead corner of the pipeline, prevent the breeding of microorganisms. Also, the peristaltic pump has a low shear effect, which is conducive to maintaining the integrity of materials when transferring fluids containing solid or macromolecular materials. It is important that the peristaltic pump has high fluid transmission accuracy and is suitable for fluid transmission applications with high metering requirements.


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