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OEM208-KZ25 Peristaltic Pump DC 12V 24V

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Chonry Peristaltic Pump


OEM208 series is a versatile OEM peristaltic pump with 4 different tube sizes optionial. OEM208/KZ25 with Compact structure design, simple installation design, and good working performance, widely used in various liquid processing equipment.It is one of the top selling OEM pumps. You will often find these peristaltic tubing pumps in vending machines, soft serve ice cream machines, milk vending machines, printers and other ink machines.The max flow up to 6000 ml/min

The OEM peristaltic pump model .Customize mounting brackets available. Ideal for fluid transfer applications

1.OEM208/KZ25,flowrate range is 0-6000ml/min,Volts:DC12V or DC24V ,Rotor:3 rotors,speed range: 0.1-600rpm. 

2.This peristaltic pump is powerful,suitable for viscous, non-viscous liquid transfer,flow direction can be controlled by the positive and negative connection.The corrosion resistance OEM208/KZ25 peristaltic pump has superb features built-in and flexible design to meet specific customer needs.

3.Peristaltic Pump 12v or 24v Small, low noise, no pollution, reversible flow is possible.Simple construction, easy to install and maintain.Flexible rotor assembly, occlusion can be adjusted automatically, which give this OEM peristaltic pump a longer life.

4.Pump tube No pollution.The gearbox drives the pump tube to work, and the pump tube is not easy to slip.The liquid only touches the pump tube, not the pump body.

5.Application: This peristaltic pump is widely used,experiment liquid dispensing, lab chemical liquid transport,biochemical analysis, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, family watering,water treatment,etc.

Pump head & Flow rate


Noted : The rpm display is the defaulted mode. If you need flow display, pls contact our sales to customized the program.

Tube specifications for the pump head KZ25

Noted : The standard tube which will come with the pump is model 36#, If you need other tube model , pls contact our sales in advance.

Tubing size (ID x Wall thickness)Min. flow rate (0.1 rpm)Max. flow rate (600 rpm)
4.8*2.4mm(15#)0.3 mL/min1800mL/min
6.4*2.4 mm(24#)0.5 mL/min3000mL/min
7.9*2.4 mm (35#)0.4 mL/min4200mL/min
9.6*2.4mm  (36#)1 mL/min


Kind tips:

All the data in the Above chart is based on the water.

If your liquid is viscous or corrosive, then this selection guide is not suitable for you.

Contact us, we will help you with better selection.

Motor type:
DC Motor
Speed range:
0.1-600 rpm
Flow range:
Direction :
Power Supply:
12V or 24V
Pump tube material:
silicone tube
Suitable Tubing:
15# 24# 35# 36# (The default 36# pump tube, if you need other types of pump tubes, please consult customer service.)
Package size:
Net weight:
3.5 kg (7.71 lbs)
D'not place this product in hazardous work areas, flammable and explosive environments, including but not limited to routine transmission of flammable liquids.
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