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BT100FC-YZ1515X Peristaltic Pump 380ml/min Microliquid Filling Perfume Filling Machine Dosing Pump

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Chonry Peristaltic Pump


Peristaltic pump BT100FC/YZ1515x

BT100FC peristaltic pump adopt YZ1515x pump head with the flow rate is 380ml/min.Lab scale filling & dispensing peristaltic pump is a simple operating dispensing pump that can set the filling volume/filling time/ pause time/ copy number on the touch screen directly. No need to count the tube flow and time. Like the auto smart camera replaced the traditional camera. Which can improve your work efficiency.

This pump with compact structure and desktop design that is suitable for manual semi-auto & small batch filling.  This pump with a compact structure and desktop design that is suitable for manual semi-auto & small batch filling. Typical case: Essential oil filling/glue filling/nail polish filling/medium filling/lab scale vials/vessels filling/e-liquid filling etc. 

Model Name BT100FC/YZ1515x
Flow Rate0.0015-380mL/min
speed range


LCD screen:3.5 inches LCD screen display(Two language modes, support Chinese and English display),touch button operation,real-time display of operating parameters, simple and convenient peristaltic pump.

Modes:This small liquid dosing pump suitable Various working modes:Smart touch screen, transfer mode and dispense mode.(Repeated timing and quantitative filling can be performed.)Customer data saving function: can save 9 sets of data for customers.

Control mode:This intelligent peristaltic pump machine can be used when it is connected to the power supply, and it is also equipped with a foot switch that can be used to control the start and stop.

RS485 communication interface and MODBUS communication protocol are available.External controller supports high and low electrical level to operate the start or stop.(If you need an external control line, please contact us for remarks.)


This intelligent flow peristaltic pump is suitable for the food industry, Detection reagent,university laboratories, scientific research institutions,solvent extraction,beauty industry,liposuction,filling and sub-packaging, and Biopharmaceutical,etc.

Pump head & Flow rate


Noted : The rpm display is the defaulted mode. If you need flow display, pls contact our sales to customized the program.

Tube specifications for the pump head YZ1515x(black is defaulted)

Noted : The standard tube which will come with the pump is model 17#, If you need other tube model , pls contact our sales in advance.

Tubing size (ID x Wall thickness)Min. flow rate (0.1 rpm)Max. flow rate (100 rpm)
0.8 mm x 1.6 mm (13#)0.007 mL/min7 mL/min
1.6 mm x 1.6 mm (14#)0.027 mL/min27 mL/min
2.4 mm x 1.6 mm (19#)0.051 mL/min51 mL/min
3.1 mm x 1.6 mm (16#)0.082 mL/min82 mL/min
4.8 mm x 1.6 mm (25#)0.17 mL/min170 mL/min
6.4 mm x 1.6 mm (17#)0.29 mL/min290 mL/min
7.9 mm x 1.6 mm (18#)0.38 mL/min380 mL/min

Kind tips:

All the data in the Above chart is based on the water.

If your liquid is viscous or corrosive, then this selection guide is not suitable for you.

Contact us, we will help you with better selection.

Motor type:
Stepping motor
Speed range:
0.1-100 rpm
Flow range:
Maximum power:
reversible (There are two transmission distribution modes to choose from. Repeated timing and quantitative filling can be performed. )
Control mode:
3.5-inch color LCD screen, touch operation, real-time display of operating parameters.
Communication interface:
RS485, MODBUS protocol is ready.Support for external signal and communication control(If you need an external control line, please contact us for remarks.)
Applicable power supply:
AC 110-220V
Pump tube material :
silicone tube
Suitable Tubing:
17# 13# 14# 19# 16# 25# 18#(The default 17# pump tube, if you need other types of pump tubes, please consult customer service.)
D'not place this product in hazardous work areas, flammable and explosive environments, including but not limited to routine transmission of flammable liquids.
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