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Chonry Peristaltic Pump


Multi-channel peristaltic pump filling system

UTF01 is a filling peristaltic pump independently developed precision Pump.It consists of an intelligent filling system and the main controller.The standard drive unit is 4channels,which can be expanded up to 32 channels and has a suck back function to prevent dripping,Can be adapted to 7 dif-ferent tubes,(The default 17# pump tube, if you need other types of pump tubes, please consult customer service.)which can fully meet customer application needs and provide more flow selection. 

1.Specification:UTF01/YZ1515x ,flowrate range is 0.007~2280ml/min,maximum power: 400W, voltage: 110V-220(Send 110V by default),speed range: 0.1-600rpm.Controller-AC90-260V/50/60Hz;Single group system-AC180-260V/50/60Hz;

2.LCD screen:The controller adopts a 7-inch touch screen, the menu interface is practical and friendly, and the operation is simple and convenient.

3.Customer data saving function: Support saving and recalling of customer parameter schemes.can save 20 sets of data for customers.

4.The peristaltic pump has high liquid filling accuracy and stability.The lower shearing effect is more suitable for filling biologically active liquids.When filling the liquid,the liquid only contacts the tube,which eliminates the risk of the pump contaminating the liquid or the liquid contaminating the pump.By choosing a corrosion-resistant tube, it can be used to fill various corrosive liquids. By choosing a wear-resistant soft The tube can be used to fill liquids containing solid particles.

5.Control mode:Manually operate on the touch screen;the upper computer operates through communication commands,and it is also equipped with a foot switch that can be used to control the start and stop.With a variety of control methods,RS485 communication interface and MODBUS communication protocol are available.Users can request custom PC software for remote control.(If you need an external control line,please contact us for remarks.)

6.Application:UTF01 can handle the transmission and production filling of various liquids, mainly used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, biopharmaceutical etc.

Pump head & Flow rate


Noted : The rpm display is the defaulted mode. If you need flow display, pls contact our sales to customized the program.

Tube specifications for the pump head YZ1515x(black is defaulted)

Noted : 

Please choose the right tubing model according to your requirement flow rate. And we will send you 2 meters of peristaltic pump tubing for your for free when ordered.

Tubing size (ID x Wall thickness)Min. flow rate (0.1 rpm)Max. flow rate (600 rpm)
0.8 mm x 1.6 mm (13#)0.007 mL/min42mL/min 
1.6 mm x 1.6 mm (14#)0.027 mL/min162mL/min
2.4 mm x 1.6 mm (19#)0.051 mL/min306mL/min
3.1 mm x 1.6 mm (16#)0.082 mL/min492mL/min
4.8 mm x 1.6 mm (25#)0.17 mL/min1020mL/min
6.4 mm x 1.6 mm (17#)0.29 mL/min1740mL/min
7.9 mm x 1.6 mm (18#)0.38 mL/min


Kind tips:

All the data in the Above chart is based on the water.

If your liquid is viscous or corrosive, then this selection guide is not suitable for you.

Contact us, we will help you with better selection.

Motor type:
Stepping motor
Speed range:
0.1-600 rpm
Flow range:
Maximum power:
reversible (There are two transmission distribution modes to choose from. Repeated timing and quantitative filling can be performed. )
LCD screen:
The controller adopts a 7-inch touch screen, the menu interface is practical and friendly, and the operation is simple and convenient.
External control interface:
Communication interface:
RS485, MODBUS protocol is ready.Support for external signal and communication control(If you need an external control line, please contact us for remarks.)
Applicable power supply:
AC 110-220V
Pump tube material:
silicone tube
Suitable Tubing:
17# 13# 14# 19# 16# 25# 18#
Package size:
97*45*31cm; 29*29*19cm
Net weight:
26kg (57.32 lbs)
D'not place this product in hazardous work areas, flammable and explosive environments, including but not limited to routine transmission of flammable liquids.
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