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peristaltic pumps application

Peristaltic Pump - How do They Work?

Peristaltic pumps are the best solution for precision fluid transfer featuring high accuracy and no pollution across the working process. It is made of a motor, pump head, and tube. Peristaltic pumps work by using a flexible tube that is squeezed by a series of rollers or shoes. The rollers move along the length of the tube, compressing it and creating a series of sealed pockets. As the rollers move, the pockets of fluid are forced through the tube and out of the pump.

Peristaltic Pump Filling System

Filling machine is one of the small products of packaging machinery. From the perspective of material packaging, there are generally liquid filling machines, paste filling machines, powder filling machines and granule filling machines. In daily life, such as Food sauces, cosmetics, peanut oil, milk, etc. are all filled in batches using filling machines, and peristaltic pumps are the main supporting machinery for filling machines.

liquid filling machine
small peristaltic pump for printing ink

Printing ink technology

The printing industry often uses micro peristaltic pumps to add ink quantitatively, which requires the application of printing consumable regeneration technology. This technology mainly relies on a peristaltic pump to control color print cartridges for quantitative ink addition.

The peristaltic pump, like ordinary peristaltic pumps, contains the pump head and drive of the peristaltic pump. The specific principle is to fix the color multi-channel ink inlet tube in the lock groove of the peristaltic pump head. Add a needle to the ink cartridge. 

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